Jester's Wrath

"They just had to piss him off" A survivor of The Unsinkable spit out in anger. "What's worst, freaking Arre joined in! The captain of the ship! Sure, I've never seen tentacles like that on anyone, but that doesn't give me any reason to butt in to their personal space. I think it was someone from the kitchen who playfully acted to cut one of the tentacles and jokingly saying to put in the next stew..." The survivor kept a small pause. "I can still hear the bones cracking and the blood dripping... He didn't move.. The eye, the third eye." He shivered and massaged his arms to warm himself up. "You can see another world inside that eye and it's not friendly... Next I know, the whole ship is inflames and I'm in the sea gulping the water in by the gallon without my involvement and dragging that damn boat around - Oh, I tell you, if you ever see a man with tentacles instead of hair on their head do yourself a solid and turn away."
This piece took me quite a while. I enjoyed the process and learned so much in the making of this. I was so happy and content when it came to the time I didn't see anything I could really work on. Of course you could still argue there's parts that could be work on but, not for any meaningful extent in my opinion. I really hope you enjoyed my little story snippet. Hopefully you'll get to read more in to the story eventually. I'm constantly writing small short stories to build up the world that you can soon get to read with some art accompanying it :)